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Sutton Russian Circle

Peter gave an illustrated talk entitled “Experiences of living in the late 1980s Soviet Union compared to Russia now”. The talk was held on Friday, 17 January 2014 for the Sutton Russian Circle at The Friends Meeting House, 10 Cedar Road, Sutton SM2 5DA.
Feedback was positive and Peter received the following vote of thanks:

“Dear Peter

On behalf of all the members of Sutton Russian Circle I should like to thank you for giving us such an interesting talk last night.

Having lived and worked in Russia in two different eras you were able to give us a unique perspective on what changed and yet what remained the same.

It is such a fascinating topic – we wished your talk could have gone on longer. Thank you for staying on at the end to answer questions and talk to some of us.

The books you brought along were super, ranging from railway workers in the 30s supported by both Stalin and Lenin (!) to the gilded cage of your posh home/office  in Moscow in the 80s.. they really enhanced your talk. Thank you for bringing them along.

We do hope you can stay in touch with the Circle and come to some of our meetings or even become a member. For just under £3.89 it is such good value! Anyway, I’d love to chat more about Jill and Peter Errington, dear friends.

Once again our thanks and good wishes.

Kind regards


Leslie  Dommett

Secretary, Sutton Russian Circle”


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